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Krasimir Tsonev is a coder with over ten years of experience in web development. Author of "Node.js Blueprints" book he works with a strong focus on quality and usability. Krasimir is interested in delivering cutting edge applications. He enjoys working in the industry and has a passion for creating and discovering new and effective digital experiences. Right now Krasimir is working with technologies like HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and NodeJS, but originally he started as a graphic designer. Later, being a flash developer he spent several years using ActionScript3 and frameworks like RobotLegs. After that, as a freelancer he continued delivering full stack web services for his clients - graphic design, front-end and back-end programming. Right now, with the rise of the mobile development, Krasimir is enthusiastic to work on responsive applications targeted to various devices. Living and working in Bulgaria he graduated at the Technical University of Varna with bachelor and master degree in computer science. He loves blogging, writing books and making talks about the latest trends in web development.


Node.js Blueprints book Node.js Blueprints
Publisher: Packt
Utilize libraries and frameworks to develop real-world applications using Node.js. Explore Node.js compatibility with AngularJS,, BackboneJS, EmberJS, and GruntJS. Step-by-step tutorials that will help you to utilize the enormous capabilities of Node.js.


Crafting client-side testing
JSCamp / Bucharest, Romania / 02.06.2015

7 Rules to Get the Things Done
I T.A.K.E. Unconference / Bucharest, Romania / 28-29.05.2015

BulgariaWebSummit / Sofia, Bulgaria / 18.04.2015

CodeMotion / Rome, Italy / 27/28.03.2015

Using Node.js for everything or what it is to write a book about it
Riga Dev Day / Riga, Latvia / 22.01.2015

About programming (keynotes)
OpenFest / Sofia, Bulgaria / 02.11.2014
slides, video

Front-end development - the two sides of the same coin
How.Camp / Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria / 25.10.2014

AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end
WeNode / Barcelona, Spain / 04.10.2014
slides , video

Panel discussion
JSIST / Istanbul, Turkey / 28.09.2014

The happy programmer
JavaScript Meetup / Istanbul, Turkey / 26.09.2014

The seven rules of the happy programmer
JavaScript Meetup / Switzerland, Zurich / 09.09.2014

Tracking UI interactions with CSS
VarnaConf / Varna, Bulgaria / 12.07.2014
slides, video

AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end
Bulgaria Web Summit / Sofia, Bulgaria / 31.05.2014

AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end
Codefront / Linz, Austria / 10.05.2014

CSS for developers
TarnovoConf / Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria / 05.10.2013
slides, video

Desinging in/for web
VarnaConf / Varna, Bulgaria / 20.07.2013
slides, video

CSS (Common Use Cases And Architecture),
Responsive Design Workflow,
Responsive Design/Layout,
Google Chrome for web developers,
Web assets - tips for better organization and performance,
Discussion about PHP,
Discussion about Photoshop,
Auxilio - Chrome extension
VarnaLab / Varna, Bulgaria
video playlist


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