Krasimir Tsonev

Krasimir Tsonev




§ Books

§ Articles



§ Presentations

  • JSTalks “Reactive programming in a nutshell”
       11/23/2019 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria
  • VarnaLab “Reactive programming in a nutshell”
       11/13/2019 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria
  • SoftUni “React in patterns”
       9/24/2019 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria  video
  • ReactNotAConf “NADCAST panel”
       5/11/2019 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria  video
  • VarnaJS meetup “Asynchronous JavaScript”
       4/17/2019 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria
  • VarnaJS meetup “React fundamentals”
       2/27/2019 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria
  • VarnaJS meetup “React is a lie”
       12/5/2018 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria
  • partial::Conf “React is a lie”
       11/30/2018 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria
  • SoftUnit “React in 20 mins”
       9/28/2018 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria
  • VarnaConf “Building scalable web apps for patients”
       8/4/2018 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria  video
  • VarnaJS meetup “React, Redux and SSR”
       7/12/2018 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria
  • ReactNotAConf “NADCAST live”
       4/28/2018 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria
  • BulgariaWebSummit “Building scalable web apps for patients”
       4/14/2018 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria
  • DevReach “The Rise of the State Machines”
       11/13/2017 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria  video
  • VarnaConf “Talk on talks”
       8/26/2017 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria  video
  • BulgariaWebSummit “React in patterns”
       4/8/2017 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria  video
  • BulgariaWebSummit “React - the good, the bad and the ugly”
       2/20/2016 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria
  • OpenFest “My 3 years daughter is a better programmer then me”
       11/7/2015 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria
  • ‒ FOWA London “Crafting client-side testing”
       10/6/2015 ⁄ London, UK
  • VarnaConf “Two books later”
       8/15/2015 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria  video
  • JSCamp “Crafting client-side testing”
       6/2/2015 ⁄ Bucharest, Romania
  • I T.A.K.E. Unconference “7 Rules to Get the Things Done”
       5/28/2015 ⁄ Bucharest, Romania  video
  • Bulgaria Web Summit “All about client-side testing”
       4/18/2015 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria  video
  • CodeMotion “AbsurdJS - hacking the front-end”
       3/28/2015 ⁄ Rome, Italy
  • Riga Dev Day “Using Node.js for everything”
       1/22/2015 ⁄ Riga, Latvia
  • OpenFest “About programming”
       11/2/2014 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria  video
  • How.Camp “Front-end - two sides of the same coin”
       10/25/2014 ⁄ Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • WeNode “AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end”
       10/4/2014 ⁄ Barcelona, Spain
  • ‒ JSIST “Panel discussion”
       9/28/2014 ⁄ Istanbul, Turkey
  • JavaScript Meetup “The happy programmer”
       9/26/2014 ⁄ Istanbul, Turkey
  • JavaScript Meetup “The seven rules of the happy programmer”
       9/9/2014 ⁄ Switzerland, Zurich
  • VarnaConf “Tracking UI interactions with CSS”
       7/12/2014 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria  video
  • Bulgaria Web Summit “AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end”
       5/31/2014 ⁄ Sofia, Bulgaria
  • ‒ Codefront “AbsurdJS - Hacking the Front-end”
       5/10/2014 ⁄ Linz, Austria
  • TarnovoConf “CSS for developers”
       10/5/2013 ⁄ Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria  video
  • VarnaConf “Desinging in/for web”
       7/20/2013 ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria  video
  • ‒ Varna's Hackerspace “Talks at VarnaLab”
        ⁄ Varna, Bulgaria  video


§ Open source

  • React in patterns Star
    Free ebook on design patterns in React.
  • Navigo Star
    A simple vanilla JavaScript router with a fallback. for older browsers.
  • CSSX Star
    CSS transpiler.
  • Stent Star
    Stent is combining the ideas of redux with the concept of state machines.
  • deb.js Star
    Minimalistic JavaScript library for debugging in the browser. >
  • Absurd Star
    Javascript based preprocessor. No new language, no new syntax. Write everything in plain JavaScript.
  • Kuker Star
    Kick-ass browser extension to debug your apps.
  • Demoit Star
    Interactive JavaScript, HTML and CSS playground.
  • Gitfred Star
    In-memory git-like interface for managing content.
  • IGit Star
    A GitHub client for managing pull requests

§ Other projects

  • Poet
    A platform for hacking, teaching and sharing.
  • IGit
    An app for managing pull requests.
  • Nadcast
    A podcast where I invite friends to chat about stuff.

Education and experience


§ Education

Technical University Varna
Master of Computer Systems and Technologies

Technical University Varna
Bachelor of Computer Systems and Technologies

Professional technical school "Tsar Simeon Veliki"
Computer Systems


§ Experience

London, UK
At Antidote I'm working as front-end developer. Mainly focused on single page application development including CSS, HTML and JavaScript coding.

Alkuvoima East
Helsinki, Finland / Varna, Bulgaria
Nowadays, everything lives in the browser. My main responsibility in the company is building flexible, modular and well tested JavaScript/HTMl/CSS based applications. Some of them require real time communication, so I have the luck to work with Node.js. Along with that I'm using Node.js to improve and speed up our workflow. Coding cross-browser web sites, I'm happy to say that I produce responsive apps.

At that time I was everything. I mean I was the sales and project manager. I did front-end and back-end development. I even design the sites of my clients. However most of my projects require solid JavaScript/ActionScript skills. It was interesting time, because the things started to change. The flash started dying and everyone wanted his product in pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Faroe Islands / Varna, Bulgaria
At the company I was responsible for the front-end development. 50% of my time went to JavaScript/HTML/CSS tasks and the other half was taken by Flash/Flex development. From time to time I code in PHP as well.

Design.BG Studios
Varna, Bulgaria
I started as graphic designer, but very soon I got new responsibilities. I had to slice my designs to perfect pixel HTML/CSS/JavaScript web applications. At that time Flash was still quite popular, so I started digging into ActionScript2/3. This gives me a very good base for my favorite language - JavaScript. You know, the both are based on ECMAScript.

Advertising Agency "EXTREME"
Varna, Bulgaria
My main job was to design print materials, but after few months I took care for the web sites requests. At that time we used mostly HTMl, JavaScript and Flash.



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